Financial Investment Bouquet

Each one of us creates savings with effort but the same effort is not given to protect, grow and invest with right earnest for creating the Wealth as per our future needs. The risk profile of every individual varies extensively and changes with time too. Hence the need for diversified financial products with different risk and return over time. PSL has taken steps to guide you with a bouquet of selected financial products to take care of your financial needs and goals.


We provide you a choice of products based on risk spectrum. Each financial instrument provides an opportunity for generating return with a certain expected / calculated risk.

Mutual Funds Advisory

With Mutual Funds becoming the flavour of the season, PSL is now well equipped to cater to the growing investor appetite for creating a Mutual Funds portfolio. PSL is registered distributor for all the major AMCs operating in India. Our team tracks the performance of numerous schemes of Mutual Funds for selecting PSL top picks for guiding our clients investment needs. In addition to tracking the key performing funds and analyzing the FPD team is geared to respond to investors on the available choices / NFOs to best suit their financial goals.

PSL's FPD team also regularly interacts with fund team and communicates their market outlook to scheme investors.

Our state of the art technological platform Mr. PIP guides all our registered clients the tools needed for financial planning. Please Login to plan and achieve your desired financial goals.

Real Estate

Every investor needs to own a comfortable home and plan for a second home as investment for their children. Our PSL real estate team has more than a decade experience in guiding with the best property to suit your family and finances.

Govt. of India Bonds

For investors who prefer risk-free returns without the tension of volatile markets, the best option is the Govt. of India Savings Bond. These bonds have sovereign guarantee and thus give safe returns. PSL markets GoI Bonds, too, to support the risk-averse investors.

Fixed Deposits & IPOs

PSL takes the help of its own Research Desk in order to choose and cater Fixed Deposits of highly rated Corporates. In case of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of Equities, PSL provides support to apply almost all the major issues that hit the Indian Capital Market from time to time.

Let's get started

And if you are interested in any of the above investments, we would be privileged to be of assistance to you to guide with your financial planning. All you have to do is to drop your details below or call us or visit our nearest PSL Office, our team members will be eager to take care of your needs.