Refund Policy
The Refund policy for all payments made towards account opening or any other services using any mode of payment shall stand as under:

  • The Fees paid towards account maintenance charges, or any other services is non-refundable. However, DP AMC paid will be refunded for the rest of the quarter of the financial year on account of account closure as per SEBI prescribed guidelines.
  • In case you have paid from the unregistered bank account of yours or any third-party account, Peerless Securities Limited shall not accept any such payment and the same shall be refund in full to such bank account only after proper verification of the aforesaid bank account details.
  • Any refund in relation to the payment made from declared bank account is subject to:
    1. Clearance from bank.
    2. Post adjustments to its ledger.
    3. Terms and conditions applicable for the services for which the payment is made.
Termination / Cancellation Policy:

Opening of a online Trading and Demat account with us takes approximately 12 hours to 24 hours and for offline its 2 days. You may place the cancellation request with our support team within 12 hours of the submission of your application with us. On receipt of the cancellation request, the account opening shall not be proceeded with.

Note: The completion of the refund procedure is subject to agencies such as banks, payment gateways.