Welcome to the Peerless Securities Research Centre - the special research cell where some of India's finest financial analysts bring you intensive research reports on how the stock market is faring, when is the right time to invest, when to execute your order and more.

Depending on what kind of investor you are, we bring you fundamental or basic research and technical research. As an investor with Peerless Securities, you get access to these research reports exclusively. You get access to the following reports.

Intraday calls
These calls are provided according to changing market situations. Be it news, momentum or technical perspectives, be updated with what are experts advise you to do during the market hours.

Daily Technical View
A technical view summarising the previous day movement and what is expected to happen on the current day. This report will also provide you with technical calls for trading along with various supports and resistances of chosen stocks.

Daily Morning Brief
A report providing you information with fundamental researched stocks everyday. You also have information on all daily economic,political and various other factors which affect the fundamentals of a company.

Weekly Technical Report
This Weekly Technical Analysis brings you a complete round up of the week gone by - recommendations, major supports and resistances, what to look forward to and more.

Stock Ideas
Ever wanted to pick a needle from a stack of Hay. That's exactly what a stock Idea is. Our research desk picks out potential stockswhich can provide immense scope for returns on investments. This is a report which is completely based on fundamentals.

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