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Empowering collaboration: Partnerships that propel us forward.

Starting a stock market franchise business can be a lucrative venture. Partnering with a reputable organization like PSL can indeed provide several advantages as, access to PEERLESS's brand name can enhance your business's credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential clients. Utilizing PSL's trading systems can streamline your operations, making it more efficient and ensuring quicker execution of transactions. Having access to PSL's products and services can expand the range of offerings you can provide to your clients, potentially attracting a broader clientele. Being associated with a well-known broker like PSL can help you attract new clients who may be more inclined to trust your services due to the established reputation. Over time, with a strong partnership, you can leverage these advantages to grow your business and increase your market share.

Benefits of partnering with Peerless

To start a stock market franchise business, you must first partner with PSL. Such a tie-up will bring you access to the PSL’s brand name, trading systems, and catalogue of products and services. Carrying out stock market transactions on your clients’ behalf would then become quicker and more seamless. The association with a reputed broker could also help you to win over new clients and expand your business over time.

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As a Business Associate, we empower you to start your own full-time or part- time business, with the liberty to work at your own convenience..

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Partner With Peerless Securities & Earn Upto 6 Figures Per Month. Join our growing league of 100+ registered Authorised Persons (AP). Setting up a stock market franchise business is easy when you partner with Peerless Securities. Our team provides comprehensive support and handholding right from the start of your entrepreneurial journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about becoming a Business Partner with Peerless Securities through our FAQs.

A authorised partner or sub-broker is an agent of a SEBI-registered broking platform like Peerless Securities who works for a commission. According to NSE, a authorised partner is someone who doesn’t trade themselves but executes trades on behalf of clients. Think of a authorised partner in the stock market as someone who is tasked with:
  • Getting new clients on board on behalf of a stock broking platform
  • Executing trades on behalf of clients
Only a broking platform can charge brokerage fees. That’s why sub-brokers are paid commissions through a profit-sharing model. That’s not all. Opening a stock broking franchise also gives you access to the broker’s resources like the platform, trading APIs, and more. This can make your job as a authorised partner smooth and efficient.

There can be four kinds of business partners of a stockbroker or a trading member of the stock exchange. Here are the details –
  • Authorized Person / Business Partner / Sub Broker
  • This can be referred to as the sub-broker in simple terms. This individual is appointed by the stockbroker or the trading member. The Authorised person deals in the products and services of the stockbroker. Since the trading members are registered with the stock exchanges, via them these APs are also monitored by the stock exchange.
  • Master Franchise
  • Another kind of franchise is Master Franchise where a stockbroker gives the whole franchising job to one franchise in a particular area, city or in a town. Against a fixed percentage of share in the revenue, these franchise rights are purchased. In that particular area, all the franchise will be sourced out of the Master franchise. It is one of the widely accepted methods of stockbroking houses to spread their business across the country.
  • Remisier
  • You must have heard the term agent in financial industry a lot and Remisier is nothing but an agent of stock broking company. They work on a commission-based model and generally the commission is less compared to other two business partnership models earnings mentioned above. Here the Remisier get a commission when their referred clients purchase products and services of the stockbroker.
  • Introducer or Referral Program
  • Under this kind of business partnership, you can just refer anyone to the stockbroker and earn. Though the earning potential is lower your job is to refer a potential client only. You do not need to sell any products or services by yourself. If your referred person gets converted into a client of the company, you receive the money.

An Authorized Person would receive the following marketing support from Peerless Securities.
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Seminars and Events
  • Market Research Report
  • Advertise material, Lead Generation Link

Yes, you can. Start by opening a trading account for yourself. Then manage your account like you would any other account on your client list.
If you want to trade on behalf of your client, in that case you should have NISM certificate per segment along with NISM Series VII.

Becoming an authorised partner has monetary benefits along with ease of access. You get a commission in exchange for bringing new clients to the stockbroker and executing their trades. Here are the benefits of becoming a Dhan Authorised Partner:
  • Commission: Earn commissions in exchange for becoming an authorised partner or sub-broker
  • Dashboard: View all your clients, trades, and more in one dashboard
  • Features: Lightning-fast onboarding, trade directly from charts, and more
  • Support: Continuous support across channels
  • Ready to roll? Become a Partner

These are the criteria for opening a sub-broker franchise in India:
  1. Minimum age of 21+
  2. Passed 12th standard (HSC) at least.
  3. Should hold a capital or derivatives markets certificate.
  4. Has at least 2 years of experience in the securities market.
  5. Does not have a default or active negative trade.

You will have to pay a registration fee and make an initial deposit when registering with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). You may also incur a fee when signing up with the local stock exchange.
Following this, when you apply to be a sub-broker of Peerless Securities, you will have to make a minimum deposit of Rs 3 lakh. The deposit amount is negotiable. In addition, you would need to have a 300-square-foot office space equipped with computers that have Internet connection with Static IP connections.

Yes, Peerless Securities will provide training to the Authorized Person regarding all its applications & software to ensure smooth functioning of a business.


Testimonials from Our Valued Business Associates. Empowering Growth Together; Insights from Collaborative Minds. Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: The Power of Strategic Alliances. Testimonials from Our Trusted Business Partners.

Gobindalal Pal


Peerless Securities is an investor friendly broking house as you can trade both online as well as offline. It is the best service provider as compared to any other broking houses. All my clients are very Happy with their services.

Atraya Kumar Bajpai

Lucknow -UP

I have thoroughly enjoyed my association with Peerless Securities as an AP & Trader would highly recommend PSL to others. I am sure others will equally get benefit from their personalised services.

Ripon Mullick


Things have taken amazing turn since I have used the services of Peerless Securities for trading. With the kind of savings I have accumulated over time, I can assure my money is in safe hands.

Sudha Dwivedi


It gives me immense pride in recommending Peerless Securities to other traders. They have helped me understand the importance of securing one’s future through investment and financial goals. Their personal care and attention to each customer is commendable and their brokerage services are suited for one and all.

Sarfaraz Khan


Trading has become a lot easier with their new PSMART 2.0 Mobile App which enables a customer to access all the information required for trading at fingertips.