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Benefits of Stock SIP / DIY-SIP

StockSIP offers a simple approach to stock investment, allowing investors to purchase stocks regularly based on a set amount or quantity. This systematic method, whether weekly or monthly, is tailored for long-term investors seeking stability in the volatile market. By adhering to a disciplined investment strategy, it empowers you to optimize your returns despite market unpredictability.

Pocket-friendly way of investing

Disciplined way to compound your wealth
Skip the hassle of timing the market

Enables price averaging

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Applying Stock SIP is so Easy in PSL

An important step of availing MTF is completing the Pledge Request. This is a mandatory process introduced by SEBI. When you buy shares under Margin Trading Facility, you have to pledge those shares to continue holding the position. In case you fail to do so, your shares will be squared-off on T+6 day.

Here’s how you can complete your MTF Pledge Process:

1 Once-your-MTF

Download & Fill-up Stock-SIP application form

2 Click-the-CDSL

Create a Support Ticket and attach the filled-up form

3 Enter-PAN-Demat

Collect Nach Form from Branch/HO

4 Select-Stocks-to-Pledge

Submit NACH mandate form Branch/HO

5 Generate-OTP.png

Bank Approval


StockSIP Start

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Frequently Asked Questions

To find the most recent information on IPOs in India, you should check financial news websites, the official website of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), and other reliable financial sources. Additionally, brokerage platforms and financial news apps often provide real-time updates on IPOs and the stock market.

No. Your existing trading account will enable us to register you for StockSIP.

StockSIP Bucket is a collection of one or more scrips, which have a common trigger date and frequency. You can add up to 50 scrips/ETFs in a single bucket.

You can have different amount/quantity for different Stock SIPs under one basket. However, you cannot have different trigger dates or frequency under one basket.

No, additional charges are incurred for placing Stock SIPs. You will be charged brokerage for Stock SIP Segment as per your pricing plan.

Stock SIP is a product using which you can place buy orders for a pre - specified amount or for a pre - specified quantity in scrips of your choice at regular intervals over a period of time as selected by you. For instance, you can select a Stock SIP for a period of say 6 months to invest ₹ 2000 per month/ other permitted frequency in shares of ITC or alternatively you can choose to buy 10 shares of ITC every month/ other permitted frequency through Stock SIP.

Unlike in the cash segment, where you have to time the market to make gains, Stock SIP helps you to bring down your average cost of acquisition of shares due to the averaging principle. Stock SIP eliminates the need for you to actively track the market and helps in distributing your investment over a period of time.

You do not need to allocate funds for placing an Stock SIP as funds are auto debited from your linked bank account.

You may select either Amount based Stock SIP request or Quantity based Stock SIP request. You can indicate your choice by selecting the desired option under the field "Stock SIP Type" at the time of placing the Stock SIP request.

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