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Welcome to the Peerless Securities Research Centre - the special research cell where some of India's finest financial analysts bring you intensive research reports on how the stock market is faring, when is the right time to invest, when to execute your order and more.
Depending on what kind of investor you are, we bring you fundamental or basic research and technical research. As an investor with Peerless Securities, you get access to these research reports exclusively. You get access to the following reports.

Market Outlook: Insights and Predictions for the Market Ahead

In an ever-evolving economic landscape, staying informed is crucial. Our comprehensive analysis delves into key market trends, emerging opportunities, and potential challenges. Join us as we explore the factors shaping the future, from technological advancements to geopolitical influences, providing you with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions. Stay ahead with our expert insights and strategic forecasts, designed to help you thrive in a dynamic market environment.

Date: 20-June-2024
Indian equity market are set to open flat as Asia-Pacific markets are trading mixed. U.S. stocks head for a winning week after the S&P 500 reached a fresh record on Tuesday, alongside the Nasdaq Composite. U.S. stock market is closed on Wednesday for the Juneteenth holiday.
Nifty50 saw some profit-taking in late trade and closed 42 points lower at 23,516, forming a bearish candlestick pattern. Index to consolidate in the coming days before moving northward towards the 23,800-24,000 zone, with immediate support at the 23,400 area.
Bank Nifty rose 957 points or 1.9 percent to end at a new closing high of 51,398, backed by private lenders. The index formed a long bullish candlestick pattern and approaching the mark of 52,000. The strong momentum is likely to continue, with immediate support at the 51,000-50,900.

Advantages of our Research Desk

Our highly dedicated team does in depth analysis of industries and stocks for the benefit of our investors. Investor gain is our top priority. We specialize in five core product areas. These are Equities, Commodities, Currencies, Derivatives and Mutual Funds. Our views are purely based of analysis and are independent, unbiased and balanced.

Technical View

A technical view of Indices/Stocks summarising the previous day movement and what is expected to happen on the current time frame. This report will cover technical calls for trading along with various supports and resistances of chosen Indices/stocks.

Morning Brief

It provides financial information, business news, analysis, and stock market data. It also offers finance advice, company news, and stock market quotes. You also have information on daily economic, political and various other factors which affect the fundamentals or price movement of a company.

Stock Ideas

Ever wanted to pick a needle from a stack of Hay. That's exactly what a stock Idea is. Our research desk picks out potential stocks which can provide high scope for returns on investments. This is a report which is based on fundamentals as well of technical aspect.

Special Report

Events which are likely to affect equity market in short term do impact the sentiment and investment pattern of the traders as well of investors. We cover such events like Budget, major economic upturns or downturns likely to impact equity market movement.

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