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Essentially, a depository participant means a place that resembles a bank that stores money and conducts transactions. Instead of money, a depository participant acts as a store of assets such as securities. Peerless Securities Ltd (PSL), as a Depository Participant (DP) offers a seamless, safe & convenient way to hold securities in electronic form as compared to paper form. It offers freedom from delays, forgeries, settlement risk and paper work. In line with its commitment of providing highly evolved products and prompt services. PSL is a registered Depository Participant with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).The emergence of the depository system in India has revolutionized the trading industry, making transactions quicker, safer, and more efficient. At PSL, we offer you the convenience of this system right at your fingertips.

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Depository Participant

A Depository Participant is described as an Agent of the depository. They are the intermediaries between the depository and the investors. The relationship between the DPs and the depository is governed by an agreement made between the two under the Depositories Act. Be part of Peerless Extended Family by opening an account with us.

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Steps to open an Account

Capital Markets is one of the ideal platforms to make long term investments. Peerless allows you to trade in equities at your fingertips with best in className technology & unbeatable research calls. Invest in Capital Markets with smart insights & recommendations from our research desk to get returns in multifolds.

Begin by visiting the official website of Peerless Securities Limited On the homepage, you'll find the "Open an Account" option. Input your email address and mobile number as requested. This information will be used to generate a One-Time Password (OTP) that will be sent to your provided mobile number.

After receiving the OTP on your mobile, proceed to verify your Permanent Account Number (PAN). Enter your PAN number and date of birth as per your PAN card details. Additionally, you'll receive an email verification mail from Peerless Securities Limited (PSL).

You can choose the KYC verification method that suits you best. Options include fetching KYC data from the KYC Registration Agency (KRA), offline Aadhaar XML-based eKYC, sharing KYC documents via Digilocker, or opting for Video KYC, and access a pre-filled registration form. You'll need to provide the remaining details required to finalize your account registration.

Fill in your bank account number, along with the corresponding IFSC code and any other essential bank details. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to select the specific trading segments you're interested in. In the same section, you can indicate if you already have an existing demat account that you'd like to use. If you choose this option, provide your existing client ID and DPID or otherwise proceed with new demat account procedure.

Prepare and upload the necessary documents as part of the account opening process. The documents typically include your signature, a selfie photo with your PAN card, a scanned copy of your PAN card, a cancelled cheque or bank statement, and any other relevant documents. Be sure to adhere to the specified size and format guidelines for smooth processing. Additionally, this is the stage where you can choose to nominate a beneficiary for your account.

Carefully read and agree to the provided terms, review all the information you've provided, and choose to e-sign using Aadhaar OTP. Await confirmation regarding your account opening status from Peerless Securities Limited.

Pricing and Charges Details

Depository Participant (DP) charge is levied by the depository, i.e., National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), and Depository Participant (DP), i.e., Peerless Securities (PSL), when shares are sold from the demat account. The charge is imposed by NSDL and by PSL) + 18% GST and is applicable per day and per stock, regardless of the quantity sold.

Charges Head Charges Details
Account_Maintenance 650/- per Financial Year for non BSDA categories plus NSDL charges, if any. BSDA (For other than Debt securities)-No AMC till holding value Rs. 50,000 ; Rs100/- per financial year for holding value between Rs. 50,001 and Rs. 2,00,000 and if crossed within financial year will be charged regular AMC. BSDA (For Debt securities)-No AMC till holding value Rs. 100,000 ; Rs100/- per financial year for holding value between Rs. 100001 and Rs. 2,00,000 and if crossed within financial year will be charged
Demat 2/- per cert. Min ` 500/- per request
Remat 12/- per cert. Min ` 500/- plus NSDL charges
Transaction_Debit Non- BSDA Category Clients- 15/- for intra DP, 21/- for inter DP, 12/- for instruction delivered through Speed-e. BSDA Category Clients- 0.5% of the value of the txn subject to min Rs50/- in all modes of transaction
Pledge_Creation 35/- per creation
Pledge_Creation_Confirmation NIL
Pledge_Closure 15/- per closure
Pledge_Closure_Confirmation NIL
Pledge_Invocation NIL
Margin Pledge Charges 15/- for creation/closure/invocation, 6/- for Repledge by TM to CM/CC or release by CM/CC to TM
NDU_Charges NIL
Failed_Instruction_Charges 20/- for each erroneous/failed/rejected transaction
Other_Charges Charges for Demographic detail change for Non-BSDA Clients- 50/- and BSDA Clients-100/-; Transmission charges `. 250/-; Speed-e Maintenance charges per F.Y: `. NIL for password users, `. 200/- plus NSDL charges for e-token users, Cq dishonour charges `. 250/-, DI book- ` 20/- (except the first one), Late submission for same day Pay-In is ` 20/- per transaction
IDeAS Free to all clients
Condition Applied* : GST & other statutory taxes will be charged extra wherever applicable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trading in the shares of the Company is compulsory in dematerialized form for all investors. The Company has, therefore, enlisted its shares with both the depositories, viz, NSDL and CDSL. This means that you have now have the option to hold and trade in the shares of the Company in electronic form. While most of you may be familiar with how a Depository functions, given below is a brief outline, in question and answer format, which we hope will be useful to you.

Account Opening process link

Yes, a trading and demat account can be opened with PSL even if there are accounts with other brokers with the same PAN that may or may not be active. The PAN enables Indian regulatory authorities to identify the investments linked to their owners, irrespective of the number of demat accounts they own.

Providing bank account details at the time of demat account opening is mandatory. These bank details are communicated to issuer companies / RTAs for the purpose of crediting any amount payable to you (such as dividend, interest or maturity payment or redemption amount) directly in your bank account. It is therefore suggested that you provide details of your active bank account in the account opening form. Later, in case of change therein, please remember to inform to your DP.

In demat account, debit or credit transactions are permitted only if it is duly authorized by the respective holder(s). As a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) is required for every debit transfer in the demat account, a 'Receipt Instruction Slip' is required for every credit transfer in the demat account. By giving a onetime standing instruction to your DP, you may avoid giving receipt instruction to your DP whenever a credit is expected in the account.

Record date is the date, which is taken as cutoff day by a company to consider the list of shareholders for the purpose of distribution of any type of corporate benefit. You would be entitled to receive the benefits as declared by the company if your name appears in the list of shareholders as on the ‘record date’. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that securities bought by you are transferred to your account by your broker before record date.

In order to dematerialize certificates, you need to open a demat account. Once the demat account has been opened, you need to fill up a 'Dematerialization Request Form' in prescribed form and submit it to your DP along with the security certificates. Your DP will forward the demat request to the concerned issuer company or its Registrar and Transfer Agent for further processing. Once the request is confirmed by the concerned issuer company or its Registrar and Transfer Agent, it results in credit of electronic securities in the demat account of the respective investor.

Nomination is not mandatory for demat account. However, it is very much recommended to have nominee mentioned in the demat account. In the unfortunate case of death of sole account holder, it makes the process of transmission very easy and fast. In case you do not wish to mention any nominee at the time of account opening, you are required to state that ''I/We do not wish to make a nomination'' and submit a declaration in prescribed format as per sebi guidelines.

Delivery Instruction Slips are similar to your bank account cheque book. You should take care of following points in respect of DIS -

  • Ensure that you receive DIS book from your DP. Do not accept loose slips (unless required so in urgent situations).
  • Ensure that each DIS is pre-printed and serially numbered.
  • Ensure that your Client ID is pre-stamped or pre-printed on each DIS.
  • Do not leave your DIS with anyone else. Fill it and hand it over to your DP when you need to do so.
  • Keep your DIS book safely. In case you happen to lose or misplace any slip or booklet, please inform your DP immediately in writing.
  • If DIS has place (lines) to mention more than one instruction and you are not using all of them, then please remember to strike out the unused lines / space before handing it over to your DP to prevent misuse by any.
  • Please ensure that the instruction slip is duly filled in with all required details and signed by all the joint holders before handing it over to your DP.

As per SEBI's guidelines, the reason or purpose for which the off market transfer is undertaken and consideration for such transfer, needs to be mentioned on the delivery instruction slip submitted for such transfer. There are various options given in the DIS booklet for 'Reason / Purpose'. You need to select the appropriate one and mention it on the DIS. If the Reason / Purpose of the transfer is 'off market sale' then in addition to amount of consideration, you need to mention the following details also -
  1. Date of payment.
  2. Mode of payment (cash, cheque or electronic payment).
  3. In case mode of payment is cheque or electronic payment, transferee's name, bank account number, bank name, transaction reference number for electronic payments or cheque number for cheque payments are required.

  1. All debit transfers
  2. Credits for IPO, sub-division and bonus
  3. Failed instructions
  4. Overdue instructions
  5. Change of mobile number
  6. Change of address
  7. Debit of mutual fund units
  8. Registration and de-registration of Power of Attorney
  9. Modification, cancellation / deletion of nominee name
  10. Pledge initiation, confirmation and invocation (to pledgor)
  11. Blocking of and debit of shares in respect of tender offer instruction.
  12. For change of address, registration and de-registration of DDPI in depository system, SMS alerts are sent to registered mobile phone irrespective of whether account holder has opted for this facility or not.

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