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How to check for upcoming IPOs

Investors interested in allocating their money to IPOs can stay updated about the upcoming IPOs through various means. These means include the following:

They can check the stock exchange websites and get news about the upcoming IPOs. Many stock exchanges have a dedicated section of IPOs where desiring investors can get information about the upcoming IPOs. These websites, in various cases, also provide the IPO calendar and the IPO prospectus. Another mode is various websites on the internet. Those websites will provide you with authentic news under the segments such as "new ipos" or "ipo list". The third avenue is to look on the official website of aggregators, brokers, stock market information websites, blogs, and so on. At PSL we provide the investors with complete information and analysis of the upcoming IPOs through online IPO Application.

Upcoming IPOs...

Company Name Security Type Issue Start Date Issue End Date Lot Size Lot Value
DEE Development Engineers Limited Equity 19/Jun/2024 21/Jun/2024 73 ₹ 14,819
Durlax Top Surface Limited SME 19/Jun/2024 21/Jun/2024 2000 ₹ 136,000
Akme Fintrade (India) Limited Equity 19/Jun/2024 21/Jun/2024 125 ₹ 15,000
Falcon Technoprojects India Limited SME 19/Jun/2024 21/Jun/2024 1200 ₹ 110,400
Winny Immigration and Education Services Limited SME 20/Jun/2024 24/Jun/2024 1000 ₹ 140,000
Stanley Lifestyles Limited Equity 21/Jun/2024 25/Jun/2024 40 ₹ 14,760
Medicamen Organics Limited SME 21/Jun/2024 25/Jun/2024 4000 ₹ 136,000
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Prerequisites to applying for an IPO

An initial public offering or IPO is the process through which a company sells its shares to the general public for the first time. With an IPO, a company gets listed on the stock exchange and is available for trading to the common public. It is also an excellent opportunity for prospective investors to become the shareholders of a hitherto privately held company.

Demat Account:

The first requirement for applying for an IPO is that you must have a Demat account. Opening a demat account should, thus, be on the top of your 'how to apply for an IPO' checklist.

Trading Account:

A Demat account only holds the shares allotted during an IPO. You will not be able to trade these shares without a trading account.


The best way to apply for an IPO is via UPI id. The process is complete within minutes with minimal formalities.

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Eligibility Criteria:

Knowing the eligibility criteria can help you leverage and increase your chances for an allotment. For example, in most of the IPOs, 20% reservation is maintained for retail investors (whose total bid value is less than ₹2 lakhs).

Applying IPO is so Easy in PSL

PSL makes the IPO journey a breeze! With our seamless process and expert guidance, your company's transition to the public market is smooth sailing. Trust PSL to navigate you through every step of the way. Here’s how you can complete your IPO Apply Process:

1 Once-your-MTF

Open PSL online platform for online IPO application

2 Click-the-CDSL

Select active IPO from List

3 Enter-PAN-Demat

Enter UCC / Trading Code

4 Select-Stocks-to-Pledge

Input Lot Qty

5 Generate-OTP.png

Input UPI ID


Validate Captcha and Submit

IPO Application validity

An IPO remains open for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 10 days. Stock exchanges accept subscription applications between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on days when the IPO is open for subscription, except on stock exchange holidays.

Ways to Apply in IPO IPO Bidding Rules
IPO application from two Demat account Not Allowed
IPO application on same name from different bank account Not Allowed.
IPO application from joint bank account Allowed provided the applicant is the first holder.
IPO application through google pay Allowed via UPI
IPO multiple application on same name in an IPO Not Allowed
IPO application through Whatsapp Allowed provided your broker offers this facility.
IPO application through Phonepe Allowed via UPI
IPO duplicate application Not allowed

Want to Know More

Investing in an IPO can be tough if you don't know where to find all the right information. A red herring prospectus or IPO prospectus is a great resource that can help you out. Keep in mind that the Prospectus contains a plethora of information to aid you in making knowledgeable choices regarding the IPO. It provides all the information you need in one place. You can easily read and understand the data by using the above pointers. This makes deciding whether or not to invest much simpler.

Saves Time

Apply for an IPO online.

Seamless Process

It is user-friendly & hassle-free.

Optimal Use Of Funds

By using the ASBA facility

Safety And Transparency

The process is safe and transparent

Applicable fees and Charges Details

Nil, you read that correctly. There are no fees associated with using Peerless Securities Online mode to apply for an IPO. To be clear, however, you will be charged the appropriate brokerage fees anytime you sell IPO shares from your Demat account.

Type of fees Applicable charges
Apply IPO through Online. NIL

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Frequently Asked Questions

To find the most recent information on IPOs in India, you should check financial news websites, the official website of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), and other reliable financial sources. Additionally, brokerage platforms and financial news apps often provide real-time updates on IPOs and the stock market.

You can check the status of the IPO application on the website or app of the broker/bank where you applied for the IPO. You can also check the status of your application on the website of the NSE and the BSE. The allotment status of an IPO application is available on the Registrar's website.

Yes, you can apply for an IPO in the HNI category in the same way as in the retail category. The only thing you need to note is that you need to select 'HNI' as the investor category in the IPO application form. A high net worth individual (HNI) is a retail investor who bids more than 200,000 rupees for shares in an IPO. HNI IPO Applications are part of the non-institutional investor (NII) portion. NIIs are divided into small NIIs (sNIIs) and large NIIs (bNIIs) depending on the amount of subscription. The sNIIs are investors bidding for shares worth between 2 lakhs and 10 lakhs and the bNIIs are investors bidding for shares worth more than 10 lakhs.

An investor may apply for an IPO through any bank account that is in the investor's name, provided the bank supports the ASBA facility. When an investor applies through a broker/bank, the bank account associated with his/her profile is automatically selected. However, when an investor applies offline, he/she can specify any ASBA-supported bank account in his/her name.
  • Only one application per person (unique PAN number) is allowed for an IPO. There are some exceptions for applications in the employee and shareholder category.
  • The name in the IPO application must match the name of the primary account holder of the demat and bank account.
  • Duplicate applications will be accepted at the time of application but will be rejected at the time of allotment.

An investor may only submit one IPO application per PAN and the demat account used for the application should be in the same name as the PAN. If you have multiple demat accounts, you may submit the application through any demat account as long as it is in your name as the primary account holder. If you submit the application online through a broker, the demat account associated with your profile is usually selected automatically. However, if you submit the application through net banking or offline, you can enter the details of any demat account in your name.
  • 1 IPO application is allowed per person (unique PAN)
  • The name of the primary account holder in the demat account and bank account holder must match the name in the IPO application.
  • All duplicate applications will be rejected by the Registrar at the time of allocation.

The IPO application number or PAN number is used to check the IPO application status. The allotment status could be found on registrar's website once the allotment is declared. You can check the status of IPO application through the trading platform of the broker or the stock exchange (NSE / BSE). You can also check the status with the broker/bank through which you applied for the IPO.

You can apply for IPO offline by submitting the physical IPO application form to the nearest broker, SCSB, Syndicate Member, Registrar and Transfer and Agents (RTA) or DP.
Steps to apply for IPO offline:
  1. Download the IPO application form from the exchange website or procure the physical form from the nearest broker/syndicate member office.
  2. Fill in the applicant details like Name, Address, PAN, contact details, Email ID, DP Details.
  3. Select the investor category.
  4. Enter the bid details like quantity and price.
  5. Enter the application amount in words and figures.
  6. Provide the ASBA bank account no. or the UPI ID.
  7. Sign the form.
  8. Submit the form to the nearest intermediary.
  • If the payment mode selected is UPI, you can submit the form to any of the intermediaries mentioned above except SCSB.
  • You can register your details as a one-time process with NSE so that you do not have to enter these details each time when you download the form.

A retail investor can bid at any price within the price band or can bid at cut-off. Cut-off means the investor is ready to pay whatever price is decided by the company at the end of the book building process. While making the application at Cut off, the investor is required to pay the amount at the highest price band.. The excess amount, in case the price discovered is lower, is refunded. Cut-off option can be exercised only by Retail Investors and Employees of the issuing company applying in the Employee Category.

A Bid-lot is the pre-determined number of shares which have to be applied for by an investor. It is different for each issue. There is a minimum lot size which is pre-decided by the company and mentioned in the application form. Eg: Minimum bid lot in IPO of XYZ co. - 10 Bid-lot Multiples of 10 Price Band - 100-120. It means that a retail investor cannot apply for less than 10 shares in that particular issue. The application for more than 10 shares has to be in multiples of 10 like 20,30,40,etc

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